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The people behind TerraRevo Builders have been…

renovating and building custom homes in California for over 35 years. We provide a complete array of integrated design-build services from ground-up construction to major home remodels, kitchens, & room additions.

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“Terra” for earth and “Revo” for renovation.

You guessed it! TerraRevo Builders does restoration work. And, we've been doing a lot of it given how old our local housing stock is, and the demand for newer, more modern structures. Many of the structures we work on are 75+ years old in original condition. Some are registered historical structures and some are in newly designated flood plains. We seem to find the most challenging projects out there so that when we come upon something easy...it's well, easy!


TerraRevo Builders was created to express a passion for design.

If you ask my lovely wife Dana, TerraRevo Builders was created to fulfill her need to bring her design ideas to life. For me (Jon Condrey), we created the company out of absolute necessity. Dana and I jumped into the deep end of the pool and started buying dozens of fixer uppers with our friends mostly in Willow Glen. We sold our house to raise capital, and moved from Cambrian Park to Willow Glen to setup shop. Actually, my development bug starts way way back 30 years ago to a master planned golf course community called Blackhawk, in Danville, California. This led to a custom home development gig on a Johnny Miller designed golf course in all places - Friant, California. What a lifelong experience it was, and we played a lot of incredible golf, but I’m sure glad to have made it back to Silicon Valley and to what became a great career in all things real estate.

Our simple lipstick flips evolved into major remodels and additions. At our peak, Dana and I had as many as eight construction projects going on all at once. It was next to impossible to find skilled people to do everything needed from framing out new rooms and additions, cutting new roofs, creating new bathrooms and kitchens, putting down flooring, and to doing the painting and landscaping. There wasn't one area of each house we didn't seem to touch. We needed every construction trade involved including designers and engineers to help ready the plans.


Enter Hector Vargas…

After getting our assess handed to us as owner-builders and making one mistake after another, we turned to our old friend Hector Vargas, a highly skilled carpenter and contractor with 35+ years plus experience building custom homes from San Jose to San Francisco. Hector came with a patient old soul and a Rolodex of skilled people in the trades, our friends really, that have helped scale our construction business. We built some amazing new houses out of some extremely old structures in Willow Glen at some incredibly attractive price points relative to what everyone else is paying. This old house on Bird Ave. is a prime example of our restoration work in Willow Glen. Naturally our neighbors started asking if we could do the same for them? We did, and we do!



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