This Cambrian Park spec house took some work and we got it done fast in about 5 months from start to finish.  This fully renovated house sold within hours of going on the market and about a month before it was totally complete. 

The before and after photos show the transition from its original extremely rough and ancient condition to a modern "open concept" plan offering extended outdoor living and abundant natural light. Fresh low maintenance landscaping was added to give the house maximum curb appeal and drought tolerance beauty.

The new owner loves the private patio off the master bedroom, the new indoor laundry room, French doors spilling into the backyard, and the extra private 4th bedroom we created within the existing footprint. 

This house serves as is a perfect example of what we can do with a house on a relatively low budget and yet build something, that by comparison, is better than most available properties on the market at the same price point.