TerraRevo Equities, LLC

We setup TerraRevo Equities, LLC to provide investment capital for residential real estate development in Silicon Valley.  Our focus is on acquiring smaller 60-100 yr. old homes that we can transform into larger modern dwellings for tremendous upswings in value. We buy, hold, develop, and exit each property when the time is right.

Ours is a street-by-street location driven business. We get to know each market intimately before committing capital and monitor these markets measuring transaction velocity, absorption, and speculative development.  This market knowledge combined with our committed capital gives us an expert understanding of where the opportunities are. Our stringent criteria and discipline to wait for the right situation means that we pass on far more opportunities than we ultimately move forward on. For those projects that we do take on, our team is on the ground immediately designing plans, organizing budgets and workflow, and orchestrating entitlements and permitting processes before we close. 

We take in a few new strategic investors each year that help us to grow our development business when the time is right. Please contact Jon Condrey for more details on our investment opportunities and how you can participate.