Terra, Latin for earth, and Revo for renovation, the people behind TerraRevo Builders have been renovating and building custom homes in California for over 35 years. Our claim to fame is transforming old tired homes into open concept plans that meet the needs of today’s modern families, and that can be appreciated for decades to come. The projects we take on tend to appreciate rapidly where the market value of improvements made more than covers the cost of construction.

We help our clients figure out where to spend their money and where to cut back to keep construction projects within reach. Clients take advantage of our volume pricing arrangements and control the cost of construction by paying for fixtures and finishes directly. Alternatively, if a construction loan requires it, we can create a fixed cost budget for any project.


Jon Condrey, owner

Jon is a career industry real estate professional overseeing the direction of TerraRevo Builders and the delivery of construction services provided to our customers. Having a passion for design and landscaping, it is not uncommon to see Jon at one of our job sites with a shovel in hand.

Since 1990, Jon has been active in California real estate in one facet or another. Working with the developer that built most of Blackhawk (Danville, Calfornia) , the first major luxury home development in the San Francisco East Bay, Jon's first job out of college was helping people to acquire, design, and build custom homes along a Johnny Miller designed golf course and master planned community just outside of Fresno, California.  Jon then spent most of the next 20 years in Silicon Valley helping local tech companies acquire and or lease corporate headquarter facilities, R&D buildings, manufacturing plants, and data centers locally and abroad.

For the last five years Jon has manged 25 (and counting) residential real estate development and construction projects in Silicon Valley.

Hector Vargas, owner

Hector has been building custom homes in California for over 35 years and oversees all of our construction work as the licensed general contractor of record for the company.  Hector’s expertise spans from "ground up" custom home construction to higher-end kitchen remodels, room additions, and major renovation projects.  From foundations to our finish carpentry work, Hector coordinates with our workers and subcontractors to build-out and complete the many projects we have going at any one time.  Hector prides himself on having put together a great team of people so that there is nothing we can't handle.

So much goes into building a quality product.  Hector knows how to begin, what to look out for, what to provision for, how to engineer, and how to build things economically without losing the architectural vision for each project.  He pours his energy into high quality "fit and finish" work, and is directly responsible for meeting the high expectations of our customers.

sue yacenda, director of operations

Sue oversees and manages our daily financial activities and operations, and manages relationships with our customers, vendors, subcontractors, and employees. Sue wears lots and lots of hats integral to the the success of the company from expediting permits to project management accounting. Sue’s position requires extreme organization and attention to detail that she has garnered over 30+ years in corporate accounting and through real estate development and construction related roles.

Dana Condrey, lead designer

Dana oversees material and finish selections for our projects and ensures that everything is there at the job site when needed.  She also works hand-in-hand with our clients, our workers, and our subs to achieve a certain look and feel for each project tied to an established theme, budget, and as directed by our customers.  All of the project photos you see on our website are a direct result of Dana spending countless hours achieving an intended result whether the house is a Craftsman, Modern Farmhouse, Spanish Mediterranean, or other architecturally influenced design.

Dana's passion is bringing all design elements together to include floor coverings, kitchen counter tops, door and cabinet hardware, paint colors, tile, and cabinet selections for each room in the house.  From a pallet of materials she pulls together, she helps and guides our clients to make their final design selections.  Talk to anyone that has purchased one of our finished homes or anyone that Dana has done design work for, and you will get an immediate sense for the respect of her work and the creativity she brings to each project.

Dan McEntee, Financial Advisor to the biz

Dan is a career finance professional overseeing our banking and investor relationships through his consulting company Monte Vista Finance.  His financial modeling guides our various investments. Dan has been instrumental in lining up capital for our speculative development projects and has been involved with TerraRevo since its beginning.